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Through the Millennium Development Goals, the world has committed to decreasing by half the proportion of the population without sustainable access to basic sanitation. With 2015 quickly approaching, now is the time to act to make that goal a reality. The first step in achieving that goal is ending open defecation.

However, bringing an end to open defecation will not be an easy task. Only through combining all efforts of those who are working on the problem and winning new supporters, will there be hope that we can achieve this goal. We need to raise awareness and advocate action!

The Drive to 2015 presents a unique opportunity for all countries and organizers to capitalize on the renewed global momentum and commitment to help ensure that every person on the planet has access to adequate sanitation facilities and eliminate open defecation. This website provides you with many tools to kick start your sanitation advocacy efforts and gain inspiration from the work that others have been doing around the world to end open defecation in their country.

Be sure to share your success stories with us and let us know how you or your organization has been a Sanitation Driver. We would also love to see your activities in action and share them with our supporters, so please send us videos showing how you are working to end open defecation. You can send two minute videos to .

Photo credit: UNICEF