Sanitation is a Human Right


Sanitation for all: Making the Right a Reality


Almost 40 % of people in the world still lack access to improved sanitation!


In 2010, the United Nations General Assembly recognized that the access to sanitation to be a human right essential and called for an end to open defecation1.  This declaration means that access to sanitation will finally be viewed as an entitlement not as a luxury.


*Access to sanitation is a fundamental human right.


*Effective, affordable and sustainable solutions are ready and waiting.


*Open defecation, the riskiest sanitation practice of all, is on the decline worldwide.


Fact Sheet #1 – Sanitation is a Human Right_English

Fact Sheet #1 – Sanitation is a Human Right_French


1 Resolution adopted by the General Assembly 64/292, ‘The human right to water and sanitation’ 24 September 2010.
Photo Credit: Gates Foundation